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    Why Protogetic?

    The idea behind Protogetic is one that has been needed in the North American anti-ram barrier industry for many years. A digital vehicle barrier portfolio that verifies the information manufacturers are publishing as accurate is vital to stopping misinformation and confusion among engineers, architects and end users looking for a barrier product that meets the criteria of their risk assessments. Limiting the barrier offerings to products that have either been properly crash tested and certified by an independent test laboratory, had finite element analyses performed, or proper structural calculations provided by an independent professional engineer gives the people searching for these products peace of mind that what they are finding on Protogetic is accurate information. Gibraltar is glad to have their products on a website that has taken the step to ensure that information provided is accurate.

    It's great to see a purpose-built website that's managed by people who understand the world of protective design. This was long overdue and AMBICO is very happy to be a part of it!

    ASSA ABLOY is excited to be a part of the Protogetic marketplace. Specialty doors are a fast growing product line for us and we can't think of a better place to promote them than Protogetic.

    The security barrier industry in the United States has needed a marketplace like this one for a long time. With so much outdated information and so much confusion about standards and performance, it has been difficult for architects, engineers, specifiers, and security managers to understand and compare the many different products offered by manufacturers. Protogetic is taking on an important task at a time when security has never been more of a concern.

    Protogetic’s search filters streamline selection of the proper vetted and certified hostile vehicle barrier for specific project parameters.

    Official Lists



    The DoD List is shorthand for the Department of Defense Anti-ram Vehicle Barrier List. It is considered the gold standard when it comes to requiring robust protection for US government buildings, military bases and embassies and is supervised and maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) Protective Design Center.

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    U.S. Registry of Vehicle Barriers Rated to the Standards F2656 & F3016 is a completely free information resource provided to assist the protective design industry. The Registry’s main purpose is to maintain a reliable, up-to-date reference list of verified vehicle barrier products.

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    Protogetic maintains the only searchable, sortable, actionable list of physical security products that have been approved in the past by the United States Department of State for use in U.S. government buildings, particularly embassies, and other overseas facilities. Our list includes U.S. Department of State approved doors, windows, free-standing structures, and building partitions. DoS standards have been adopted by many private companies, governments, and NGOs for their own security needs.

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    Real Time Alerts for Optimum Threat Awareness. Drawn from security organizations, human intelligence, media, and other reliable sources, the Protogetic Worldwide Security Threat Map identifies and illustrates security breaches, threats, emergencies, and disasters worldwide in real time.



    Security Industry Events all in one place! Plan ahead with our list of upcoming shows and expos. Let us know if there’s a show you’ll be attending and would like us to share with the Protogetic community.



    Instantly calculate blast loads with our FREE tool. Protogetic joins with Stone Security Engineering to offer a blast calculator that lets you predict blast loads based on charge weight, standoff distance, and angle of incidence for the most common explosive materials. This tool calculates blast-wave parameters of a hemispherical free-field explosion, based on the Kingery-Bulmash empirical equations.


    1,000 Rated, Certified, Engineered High-Security Products

    Protogetic in Action


    Seattle Museum of Art

    Threat: Vehicle

    Solution: Marshall's VERSO IWA 14 Tested Seating/Planters

    Verso is a fully crash tested street furniture range that allows for a mix of protective and non-protective seating and planter elements to be used in unison across a single project. Combining clean lines and an unobtrusive low height profile, the versatile shape and design allows for unlimited configurations to suit any specification.

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    Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church, Harrisburg, PA

    Threat: Forced Entry

    Solution: Ambico Attack Resistant Door

    AMBICO attack resistant steel doors are built to prevent active shooters from entering buildings. The new Attack Resistant Assemblies are a low-cost alternative to other types of security doors and have been designed to provide occupants valuable time to react until first responders arrive. This AMBICO door was selected because it maintained an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere while providing the necessary level of protection.

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    FBI Field Office, Carlstadt, NJ (replacing Hydraulic wedge barriers at underground garage entrances)

    Threat: Vehicle

    Solution: Perimeter Security Partners Satyr12 Crash Arm

    The SATYR12 crash rated beam is ASTM F2656 07 M50 P1 certified (equivalent to US Department of State K12; 15,000lbs, 50mph, less than 1m penetration). The SATYR 12 standard assembly consists of a receiver stanchion, hinge stanchion, aluminum arm, stanchion covers, and operator. The system is designed for smooth operation, low maintenance, and long life. The SATYR 12 is available with clear opening widths from 10 to 30 feet and can be operated manually with a counter weight mechanism (SATYR 12CW) or powered using a hydraulic pumping unit (SATYR 12H), or via an electrical motor (SATYR 12E).

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    Protogetic experts


    Jeffrey Halaut

    Jeff is an independent consultant and subject matter expert for design, specification, and implementation of active and passive vehicle barriers to protect people and property from the ever-growing threat of vehicle born attacks.


    Jeff has over 37 years of experience in construction with 31 years of experience in the electronic security field.  Over the last 18 years, Jeff’s experience has been directly related to perimeter security, focusing on active and passive vehicle barrier installation, design, and integration.

    Jeff thrives on educating other professionals and assisting them in defining what products to utilize in different scenarios to provide maximum protection for the best value. He regularly offers training sessions for installation contractors, architects, and engineering firms.

    Services offered.

    Perimeter Security Consultation

    Perimeter Security Design

    Site Assessments

    Product recommendations

    Perimeter Security Education and Training

    Jeffrey Halaut
    Co-Founder & President

    101 Winn Valley Drive

    Wimberley, Texas 78676




    Pedram Hesam, PhD, PSP, CSS/M

    Doctor Pedram Hesam is a Protective Design Engineer and an ASIS Board Certified Physical Security Professional with many years of experience in Consulting and Engineering Services. His focus has been on antiterrorism, protective design, extreme-load risk assessment, forensic engineering, failure and collapse analysis and investigation. He has been involved in a wide variety of projects around the globe.

    His main objective is to provide reliable solutions to protect people’s lives and assets, infrastructure, and government & commercial facilities from malicious or accidental threats related to explosive, impact or shock. Dr. Hesam is experienced in developing and applying creative analytical methods and advance technologies to find pragmatic, reliable and cost-effective engineering solutions to such real-world threats.

    Pedram has served as the protective design and forensic consulting engineer for government and commercial projects. He is a member of many professional institutes and communities devoted to advancing state-of-the-art protective design engineering. Prior to joining his current firm (K&C), Dr. Hesam was at Hinman Consulting Engineers, Inc. He also served at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. as a Forensic & Consulting Engineer.


    Pedram Hesam, PhD, PSP, CSS/M

    Senior Protective Design Engineer

    PhD in Structural Engineering

    ASIS Certified Physical Security Professional

    Cell Phone: +1 714-454-0832



    Robert A. Miller

    Robert A. Miller, PSP, CDT, CSI

    Imperial Professional Consulting Services

    Rob is a Perimeter Security Consultant with a demonstrated history of success working in the perimeter security industry. With over 35 years’ experience, I offer proactive insight into physical security solutions that are needed in today’s challenging world. Hands-on experience both in the office and in the field provide me the ability to professionally guide those looking to secure their perimeter by assessing the vulnerability of their site and determining the correct products and design layout relative to their needs.

    My credentials lend to bridge the gaps from designer to manufacturer to installer. I am committed to lifelong learning to ensure that the latest trends and standards of the industry are being utilized to insure a complete and effective perimeter security solution. 

    Cell – 586-747-7819



    Rob Reiter

    Owner, Principal Consultant

    Reiter and Reiter Consulting Inc

    Rob is a specialist in perimeter protection and retail and pedestrian safety.  For more than 25 years, Rob has focused on protection of people and property from accidental or deliberate vehicle incursions or attacks.  

    He is Secretary of the ASTM F12-10 subcommittee that develops test standards for anti-terrorist high security barriers and Co-Chairman of the subcommittee that sets testing standards for low speed safety barriers. Rob is also the Chairman of the Perimeter Security committee for the Security Industry Association where he oversees groups currently writing standards and best practices for Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (TRVA) as well as educational resources for architects, engineers, and specifiers. Rob leads the annual Capitol Hill Symposium series for the SIA.

    In 2012 Rob co-founded the Storefront Safety Council to bring research, data, and solutions to the  problem of vehicle-into-building crashes into stores and public spaces.  The Council leads the fight for stronger local ordinances and building codes in CA, MA, FL, as well as ongoing efforts both locally and nationally.  

    His work has been cited in Standardization News and the Whole Building Design Guide, and he has worked closely on barrier testing and research with the Texas Traffic Institute at Texas A&M University, Calspan Corporation, a dozen barrier manufacturers, and most Protective Design practices and architectural and engineering firms nationally.  Rob is a certified instructor and teaches three courses approved by the American Institute of Architects. His work has been featured on major network television, trade journals, and periodicals.  

    Rob Reiter
    Owner, Principal Consultant

    Reiter and Reiter Consulting Inc


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