Jeffrey Halaut

    Jeff is an independent consultant and subject matter expert for design, specification, and implementation of active and passive vehicle barriers to protect people and property from the ever-growing threat of vehicle born attacks.


    Jeff has over 37 years of experience in construction with 31 years of experience in the electronic security field.  Over the last 18 years, Jeff’s experience has been directly related to perimeter security, focusing on active and passive vehicle barrier installation, design, and integration.

    Jeff thrives on educating other professionals and assisting them in defining what products to utilize in different scenarios to provide maximum protection for the best value. He regularly offers training sessions for installation contractors, architects, and engineering firms.

    Services offered.

    Perimeter Security Consultation

    Perimeter Security Design

    Site Assessments

    Product recommendations

    Perimeter Security Education and Training

    Jeffrey Halaut
    Co-Founder & President

    101 Winn Valley Drive

    Wimberley, Texas 78676