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    High Security Gates


    A high security gate, often called a vehicle barrier gate or anti-ram vehicle barrier gate, is virtually a requirement in today's security-conscious world. In general, any property or premises where you must control vehicle access (or even foot traffic) can greatly benefit from implementing high security vehicle gates and high security perimeter fencing.


    Where are Vehicle Barrier Gates used?


    Whether it's a military installation, embassy, airport, toll road, parking lot, bridge, or the exit and entrance control of a private or industrial site, Protogetic has a large selection of high security gate products. Using our advanced filter, architects, engineers and security design professionals can instantly find the right gates, fences, drop arm barriers and road blockers that address their project’s specific perimeter security and access control point requirements.


    What types of Vehicle Barrier Gates are best?


    This is highly dependent on a number of factors like location, traffic volume, operation, cycle time, vehicle types and of course, cost. It’s not accurate to think there is a “best gate”. When it comes to security, there really is no “one size fits all” solution. However, there is a "best gate for your project". Determining that can involve skilled architects, engineers and security experts evaluating the building design, location, function, threat risk and other factors too numerous to list here. 


    If you are seeking an anti-ram gate, there are additional criteria like threat type that must be considered. Protogetic, as well as the DoD, recommends threat assessments for site locations at high risk for attack. Acording to DoD guidelines, sliding and rolling cantilevered gates are the most recommended for military and government projects that require DoD approval. Other exceptional anti-ram security gates options are:


    • Vertical pivot gates
    • Swing gates
    • Vertical lift gates
    • Folding gates


    Sliding Gates - Cantilever 


    Cantilever barrier gate systems are noted for their ease of use as well as safety and strength. These gates are a viable choice if there is enough room on one side of the entrance to match the gate opening and retract the gate horizontally (parallel to the roadway entrance). Cantilever gates slide open, meaning the counterbalanced weight of the end section essentially supports the weight of the entire gate using support inside the fence line. This allows it to travel above ground freely and requires no rollers, tracks or ground preparation. 


    Sliding Gates - Rolling


    A rolling sliding gate, typically just called a rolling gate or a wheeled-support gate, looks and opens similarly to a cantilever gate with one major difference. Rolling gates lack counterbalancing of the end section and therefore must be supported by wheels and a track, requiring additional ground preparation and materials. Without the counterbalancing, rolling slide gates are shorter and often are used where the fence-line can not accomodate a longer cantilever gate. Either gate type can be deployed where a large entrance/exit opening, often up to 100 feet, is needed like airports, military bases and commercial sites. Sliding cantilever gates, as well as rolling cantilever gates, can be easily automated and are frequently used at self-storage facilities and employee parking lots. 


    Barrier Arm Gate Systems


    Toll booths, bridges, parking structures, checkpoints, and restricted areas are familiar places to encounter barrier arm gates, sometimes called boom arm gates. They are very familiar as the most common method for controlling passage through railway crossings. A barrier arm or boom vehicle barrier gate is designed to control, slow and stop the flow of traffic as necessary by the pivot arm preventing passage through the entrance opening. This provides time for gate personnel to allow entry to only properly authorized vehicles. Automated barrier arm gates require codes or card keys to open the entrance rather than employing security guards to check identification and permit access. 


    Vertical lift gate


    A vertical lift gate is lifted upwards to permit or block passage through the entryway. Instead of a barrier boom arm arcing out of the way, the blocking portion of the gate section lifts vertically in its horizontal position. The gate can either rise out of an in-ground receptacle to prevent vehicle access or it can elevate up to allow a vehicle to pass underneath it. A vertical lift gate is a good option when there isn't enough room for a sliding gate. Because of its heavier weight, virtually all vertical lift gates are mechanized using electric or hydraulic motors.


    Overhead slide gate


    An overhead slide gate looks and operates much like a rolling or cantilever slide gate. It also opens by sliding to one side of the entrance. However, instead of being counterbalanced, the weight of the gate is supported by an overhead I-beam and track system. Because the supporting posts have to be incredibly strong to support the beam and track system as well as the weight of the infill gate material, an overhead slide gate is a more permanent structure. Therefore, utilizing this type of gate barrier requires knowing the maximum height of all vehicles using this entryway in order for them to drive under the overhead beam and track system.


    Swing gate


    A swing gate is similar to a barrier arm gate, but instead of the arm lifting vertically to allow traffic passage, the boom arm swings open like a door. Swing arms can open in both directions depending on location and security requirements. Many higher rated anti-ram swing gates typically open outward from the entrance they secure. They also are more often single leaf in design to provide stronger structural support. Swing gates can be manual or automated. Unrated swing gates are available in single or double leaf configurations.  


    Vertical Pivot gate


    Vertical pivot gates (abbreviated VPG), also referred to as pivot gate systems, are similar in operation to crash/drop arms. The easiest way to explain this is vertical pivot gates open and close using the same 90-degree motion as utilized by a railroad crossing arm. The major difference is that the entire gate/infill panel is lifted and not just a single barrier arm. 


    What if my project requires a DoD-approved vehicle barrier gate?


    The Department of Defense does offer some guidance when it comes to specific vehicle barrier gates. According to DoD, they suggest cantilevered sliding or rolling gates for protecting against vehicle attacks, including Hostile Vehicle Attacks (HVA) and Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED). Other DoD-approved recommendations are swing gates, overhead sliding gates, vertical pivot (also called vertical tilt) and vertical lift gates (also referred to as overhead gates). You can find the exact DoD-approved vehicle barrier gate your project requires by using Protogetic’s new 100% digital DoD List.


    How are Vehicle Barrier Gates rated?


    There are many rated and unrated vehicle access gates and road barrier gates that can satisfy a project's security needs within the multi-varied vehicle barrier spectrum. Stopping a 15,000-pound truck carrying explosives (called a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device or VBIED) that is speeding 50 miles per hour from hitting people or breaching a building envelope requires an extremely strong vehicle access control gate. Military-grade barriers and gates must have ASTM F2656 or Department of State K-rated anti-ram barrier ratings in order to provide such robust protective security measures.  


    Commonly referred to as "Hostile Vehicle Mitigation" (HVM), Protogetic offers a variety of ASTM, Dos/DoD, and PAS68 rated security barrier gate products to search instantly in one simple, 24/7 marketplace. Nothing in the protective design business can search more anti-ram rated vehicle barrier products faster and more efficiently than Protogetic’s proprietary filter. Don’t waste your time. Sign up and find the security gate or Vehicle Barrier you need instantly. 


    Don't forget: If your project does not require anti-ram rated or DoD approved products, there are numerous gate and security product options to economically safeguard your property and prevent vehicle incursion. ASTM has a new standard called F3016 that applies to low speed (10-20-30 MPH) threats with two penetration distance measurements:


    P1 = less than 1 foot

    P2 = less than 4 feet.


    Its European equivalent is the PAS 170 test standard that applies to low speed impacts of 10-20MPH. These low speed options provide protection and affordability.


    Are premier Barrier Gates difficult to find?


    No. Protogetic offers a large catalog of functional and aesthetically beautiful anti-ram gate barriers from the world’s leading manufacturers that integrate both the project design as well as the urban landscape. Many of these products provide high security for office buildings, hotels, storefronts and pedestrian walkways without converting these properties and public plazas into militarized environments, instead allowing people to go about their normal daily lives. When you want to protect your personnel and facility, the quality of your barrier gate system matters. After all, finding the best anti-terrorist car barricade might be the difference between life and death.

  carries top quality vehicle barrier gate systems, permanent vehicle barriers (bollards), portable barriers and active vehicle barriers such as wedges or retractable security barriers. To ensure your property is equipped with the best defense, Protogetic primarily focuses on rated anti-ram barriers, giving you and the people in your building well-deserved peace of mind. Stop searching and shop for security gates now!