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    Vehicle Barriers


    What are the types of vehicle barriers?


    When it comes to protective design, there are numerous types of vehicle barriers: there are fixed vehicle barriers (bollards) and active vehicle barriers like wedge barriers, and retractable bollard systems. All these car and truck barriers can range from simple storefront/parking barricades to visually pleasing landscape devices such as planters, benches, outdoor furnishings and artwork to extremely defensive, high-speed crash-rated devices designed to repel deliberate terrorist attacks. These latter vehicle barricades are sometimes referred to as security barricades, anti-vehicle or anti-terrorist vehicle barriers.


    Are anti-ram ratings important?


    Whatever you call these protective design products, when considering vehicle barriers, security ratings are essential. Finding the optimal terrorist vehicle barricade can literally be a matter of life and death. Additionally, while there are hundreds of security products in the vehicle barrier category, Protogetic focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on rated anti-ram barriers. We urge you to research and understand the different types of anti-ram ratings.


    How do I know which products are rated?


    Rated security design products can only be posted on our site if the manufacturer provides actual rating documentation from a verified testing facility or government agency. Finding and obtaining this kind of specific, detailed information normally would take hours of research. At Protogetic, we’ve created an advanced solution to help you sort out all your vehicle barrier needs – instantly. Our proprietary filter was custom designed to search nearly every detail that an architect or engineer needs to fulfill the requirements of his/her project.


    Are vehicle barriers expensive?


    Let’s start with the most practical reality: Money. A major consideration of any building security project is cost. Vehicle barrier systems can top many thousands of dollars. Because these protective barriers are so customizable, prices vary dramatically and consumers are urged to get direct access quotes from participating manufacturers using Protogetic’s convenient “Message Vendor/Request Custom Quote” feature. One click and you are connected to that company's vendor representative. While budget is often king, when it comes to vehicle barriers, security and safety should not be sacrificed as nothing is more important than saving lives.


    What is an anti-ram vehicle barrier?


    Within the multi-varied vehicle barrier spectrum, there are rated and unrated anti-ram barriers that address a project’s security requirements. Stopping a 15,000 pound truck speeding at 50 mph from reaching pedestrians and/or breaching a building envelope with a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED), requires an extremely robust car and truck barrier. Such protective security measures, frequently called “Hostile Vehicle Mitigation” (HVM), require military-grade, ASTM F2656 and Department of Defense anti-ram barrier ratings. Protogetic provides numerous types of ratings including ASTM F2656, DoD K ratings, PAS68. We have the most up to date, rated products, including blast resistant doors, high security windows, shield wall systems, climb resistant fences and security entrances in the protective design industry in one convenient, 24/7 marketplace.


    Are all vehicle barriers anti-ram rated?


    If your needs are more simple, and you do not require anti-ram crash rated barriers, there are many affordable options to protect your property and prevent access to your building. Like protecting your store from a delivery truck backing into your front window or a vehicle jumping the curb on the busy street where your business is located.


    Are all vehicle barriers ugly and intimidating?


    No. Protogetic has aesthetically pleasing anti-ram barriers that seamlessly blend in with the urban environment. These provide storefront and pedestrian protection from vehicles without turning commercial property and plazas into a fortified, “military” environment so people can enjoy their normal lives and not feel under seige. 


    How do I protect my business?


    These lower speed, “retail” situations can often be addressed by deploying vehicle crash barriers that are low-speed products with an ASTM F3016 or PAS 170 rating. These low speed ratings test vehicle impact at speeds more commonplace to parking lots and storefront areas. These crash tests are typically rated from 10 mph to 30 mph. As such, these products are more affordable than high-speed anti-ram rated products.


    What is a PAS rating?


    Understanding PAS ratings can be confusing as they are presented as a combination of letters, numbers and symbols like: V/7,500(N2)/48/90:0/0


      1. V stands for Vehicle Test
      2. 7,500(N2) refers to the weight and type of vehicle, in this case a 7,500 kg truck
      3. 48 equals speed (48 kph)
      4. 90 is the impact angle
      5. 0 is the measured penetration distance or in this instance zero
      6. The final 0 is the measurement of debris dispersion


    How do I find the right vehicle barrier?


    Form cannot always follow function so it is important to determine the proper threat assessment for your project and address these parameters with the requisite anti-ram security barriers. Protogetic’s Vehicle Barrier Filter enables you to search specific criteria like anti-ram crash ratings, DoD listing, Safety Act certification, lead time, barrier dimensions and installation specifications (foundation depth, environmental conditions, etc) to find the optimal vehicle barrier system for your project.


    Increasing Hostile Vehicle threats


    After the January 6th United States Capitol attack, building perimeter security is more important than ever. As domestic terror attacks are projected to increase, now is the time to implement security measures designed to mitigate and prevent the continuing trend of terrorist attacks using motor vehicles called hostile vehicle attacks (HVA) or vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED), most of which involve large trucks capable of destroying most unrated urban traffic barriers. Since 2010, close to 100 attacks involving vehicle ramming have occurred killing more than 200 people. Projections indicate these vehicle terrorist events will increase in the near future.


    Protogetic solves problems to save lives


    The future need for protecting pedestrians and buildings from imminent danger is clear. The solution is a one-stop, global digital marketplace open 24/7 to find the exact protective design products your project requires. Find all the answers to your building challenges at