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    High Security Windows


    What are high security windows?


    Unlike the familiar big box home improvement centers, Protogetic only carries high security windows specifically designed and manufactured to protect people from serious threats like intentional hostile and/or terrorist attacks and industrial accidents.


    What types of security windows are there?


    There are just about as many high security window types as there are threats.  Among the many threat types is the possibility of forced entry with either the intent of burglary/theft or hostile attack like the Charlie Hebdo tragedy in Paris. FEBR windows, also called forced entry ballistic resistant windows, are also available. Protogetic also offers ballistic resistance windows for protection from gunfire. We even carry security windows that provide blast resistant protection from terrorist bombings or accidental industrial explosions.


    What are Ballistic Resistant Windows?


    Ballistic resistant windows are manufactured to protect occupants of buildings from gunfire. There are several standards for rating ballistic glass windows, including:


    U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

    U.S. Department of State Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant standard

    Underwriters Laboratories – UL752


    Where are bullet resistant windows used?


    Municipal building codes do not require or recommend bulletproof windows because the threat of taking fire in most civilian neighborhoods is very low. However, there are locations where the threat risk is very high and encountering hostile fire is far more likely. These include:


    • Military bases
    • Embassies
    • Government offices
    • FBI and Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Chemical manufacturing facilities
    • Oils & Gas Refineries
    • Nuclear Power plants
    • Electrical substations


    What are forced entry windows?


    Forced entry windows protect against penetration of the building envelope by hostile means. They are engineered to prevent theft as well as hostile attack, whether from thieves, looting rioters or terrorists.  All these unauthorized incursions start with individuals compromising building envelope by force. Not surprisingly, forced entry windows, as well as forced entry doors, are primarily utilized for exterior applications but also can be used inside buildings like banks, jewelry stores or post offices.


    How do forced entry windows protect against attack?


    The first goal of a forced entry window is to delay (or possibly deny) entry. The longer it takes for assailants to breach the window – the better chance there is for occupants to escape to safety and summon help. In the case of burglary, delaying entry provides more time for intrusion detection and law enforcement response.


    What is a FEBR window?


    FEBR windows are designed to protect against people armed with tools attempting to forcibly open the window. Some of the breaching tools used include:


    • Hammer
    • Sledgehammer
    • Crowbar
    • Bolt cutters
    • Chisels
    • Hacksaw
    • Propane torches


    Since FEBR windows protect against firearms, a ballistic test is required. Typically, the UL 752 standard is the most relevant. However, the US Department of State SD-STD-01.01 Rev G also mandates 7.62mm, 5.56mm rifle and 12-gauge shotgun tests.


    Does Protogetic carry Blast Resistant Windows?


    Yes. Protecting against explosive terrorist attacks is vitally important in the modern era. Like blast resistant doors, blast resistant windows are engineered to withstand and protect personnel from terrorist initiated explosions or accidental blasts at locations like:


    • Transportation centers
    • Shipping yards and Ports
    • Electrical substations
    • Oil and Gas refineries
    • LNG depots
    • Nuclear plants
    • Military bases
    • Financial institutions and banks


    How are blast resistant widows rated?


    Blast analysis and design protection is extremely complex because of the multitude of physical variables influencing an explosion. This includes the weight of the charge, explosive type, standoff distance as well as the pressure, duration and impulse to name just a few. To make matters a little more complicated, there are several blast resistance standards:



    Because blast criteria are so unique and multi-varied, Protogetic recommends that you consult with qualified blast engineers to determine the best blast resistant window and door system for your project.


    Are high security windows difficult to source?


    Not at Protogetic! We have just about every kind of high security window available. Our proprietary filter can search by the specific threat your project is likely to encounter – including ballistic attack, bomb threats and forced entry attacks. Instantly find the exact window specifications your project requires. And if you still have questions after downloading a product’s technical documents, you can direct message the vendor sales rep for detailed answers. You can even compare security windows side-by-side to make evaluations easier. Join us for FREE today at We have the fastest search for protective design products in the industry!