Pedram Hesam, PhD, PSP, CSS/M

    Doctor Pedram Hesam is a Protective Design Engineer and an ASIS Board Certified Physical Security Professional with many years of experience in Consulting and Engineering Services. His focus has been on antiterrorism, protective design, extreme-load risk assessment, forensic engineering, failure and collapse analysis and investigation. He has been involved in a wide variety of projects around the globe.

    His main objective is to provide reliable solutions to protect people’s lives and assets, infrastructure, and government & commercial facilities from malicious or accidental threats related to explosive, impact or shock. Dr. Hesam is experienced in developing and applying creative analytical methods and advance technologies to find pragmatic, reliable and cost-effective engineering solutions to such real-world threats.

    Pedram has served as the protective design and forensic consulting engineer for government and commercial projects. He is a member of many professional institutes and communities devoted to advancing state-of-the-art protective design engineering. Prior to joining his current firm (K&C), Dr. Hesam was at Hinman Consulting Engineers, Inc. He also served at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. as a Forensic & Consulting Engineer.


    Pedram Hesam, PhD, PSP, CSS/M

    Senior Protective Design Engineer

    PhD in Structural Engineering

    ASIS Certified Physical Security Professional

    Cell Phone: +1 714-454-0832