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    CEO | Protogetic

    Welcome to our newest resource for the protective design community. The Protogetic Journal is far more than a blog. Our publishing goal is to provide an informative resource featuring engaging topics specifically curated for architects, engineers, procurement officers, security experts and manufacturers so you can better protect people.


    Since our inception, Protogetic has continued to grow by delivering on our promise to create the world’s first digital marketplace and community devoted exclusively to the security design industry. We have added eight product categories and the first-ever, 100% searchable DoD Anti Ram Vehicle Barrier List. In the months ahead, we’ll be launching even more resources to help make your work as Architects and Engineers easier, faster and more informed. First out of the gate is The Journal.


    The Journal’s topics will include a wide range of industry content such as new developments in rating standards, testing requirements, security innovations, and assessments of recent acts of terrorism or hostile vehicle attacks. Other headline topics will expand and support our popular PROTO-TALKS series where we invite industry leaders to share their expertise and insights.


    How are we unique from most blogs?


    There is zero commercial agenda. Protogetic is not here to promote or advertise any manufacturer’s products. Like our Proto-Talks, our mandate is ironclad: the Journal will always be un-branded and informational. We do not curry favor. We’re a community resource not a sales tool. Full stop.


    And our publishing rules reflect this commitment to impartiality. Should an author ever be affiliated with or employed by a manufacturer, not only will this be 100% transparent, but he/she will also be precluded from mentioning their company and its products. Further, they must write about what we define as “global topics” – content with wide applicability to both the industry as a whole as well as product categories outside of their employer’s inventory. So you might read an article from a manufacturer-employed door engineer who covers the latest developments in a new forced entry rating standard that applies to doors, windows, louvres, etc. What you won’t read is anything about their company or its product line.


    You also won’t find product comparisons, recommendations or political opinions. It is Protogetic’s core mission to create a community for security design professionals – an unbiased resource to help elevate your work. The only time you’ll encounter “politics” on Protogetic is when legislation signed into law impacts our industry by influencing how life-saving products and strategies are deployed in the field.


    We will cover the latest trends and developments in our protective design industry. Knowledge is powerful. Think of The Journal as “continuing education” you can do during your morning cup of coffee or lunch hour. Every week we plan to publish new content ranging from in depth feature articles to industry announcements and even reminders about events and conferences. This is your community. We hope you’ll join Protogetic in helping connect us all.


    Interested in Contributing?


    Is there a protective design topic you would like to write about? Do you have a question for one of our experts? We thoroughly welcome your expertise and input. Or, is there an industry-related event or conference, you’d like to highlight for our users? Please contact us at