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These are a few cases where Protective Acquisitions can be helpful to you

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    You are you looking for an anti-ram bollard system which can be installed above underground utilities which are located 10-inches below-grade. The bollard also needs to be tested to meet an ASTMF2656 M50-P1 rating and will be installed in Germany.

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    An existing building you are renovating requires an operable, K12 rated anti-ram vehicle barrier with an electric operation mechanism, foundation depth of no more than 24-inches, and an Emergency Fast Operation speed of 4 seconds or less.


    Your project specification requires a blast resistant window meeting an ASTM F2912 Very Low Hazard rating at 4-psi/28 psi-msec. The window is also going to be installed in living quarters so it has to be openable and meet life safety requirements.

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    Trying to find products that meet all of these requirements could take many-many-many hours: Finding manufacturers, paging through their websites, downloading product brochures and drawings to get dimensional details, and then calling them to find the information that is not listed in their product literature. Sometimes it can seem like these hours have been wasted.

With Protective Acquisition you can skip the search engines. All you need to do is enter the website, click on the product type you are looking for (Windows or Vehicle Barriers for now), and then select the search parameters that matter to you. Your answer could be 4 clicks away.

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