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    Do these experiences sound all too familiar to you?

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      Your design deadline in Germany is looming and you’ve been looking for hours for an anti-ram bollard system. It has to be installed above underground utilities located 10-inches below grade, and the bollard needs to be tested to meet an ASTM F2656 M50 P1 rating.

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      Your Washington D.C. project renovating a historic building requires blast resistant windows meeting an ASTM F2912 Very Low Hazard rating at 4-psi/28 psi-msec. The windows will be installed in living quarters so each has to be operable as well as match the exterior architectural aesthetic.

    If you work in the protective design industry, we all know exactly how hard it is to find products that meet all your project requirements. Let’s be brutally honest, we spend too many hours trying to locate manufacturers, paging through websites, downloading product brochures and then calling to find the detailed information that isn't listed in their literature. Sometimes it can seem like these hours have been wasted.

    With Protogetic you can skip the search-engine-hunting. All you need to do is enter the website, click on the product type you are looking for and use the Protogetic Filter to select the detailed search parameters that pertain to your project requirements.

    Spend minutes searching, instead of hours.

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