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    Tire Spike Barriers


    Find Tire Spike Barriers to Suit Your Needs


    Whether protecting entry or exit from a high-security facility or building, or simply securing a parking lot, tire spike barriers are an efficient, affordable solution. This device dependably halts unauthorized entry or exit by puncturing a vehicle’s tires and immobilizing it and therefore is considered a non-lethal barrier.


    Even though tire spike barriers typically do not inflict catastrophic damage to a hostile or fugitive vehicle, they’re highly effective when public and pedestrian safety is in jeopardy. Protogetic’s 24/7 digital Protective Design Marketplace allows Users to effortlessly locate road tire spikes with our proprietary Vehicle Barrier Filter.  


    What Is a Tire Spike Barrier?


    Tire spike barriers (often referred to as tire puncture spikes or car tire spikes) are strip-like devices placed on or embedded in the ground. Each strip has a series of metal spikes or teeth that puncture a vehicle’s tires when it passes over the device, forcing the vehicle to stop.


    Some tire spike barriers are secured to the ground while others are deployed manually, typically by law enforcement during vehicle pursuit circumstances.  There are also motorized tire shredders where spikes aren’t visible and allow unimpeded traffic flow until they have been activated.


    Types of Tire Spike Barriers


    Surface Mounted Tire Spike Barrier: A surface-mounted tire spikes strip is secured to the road using bolts or epoxy adhesive and therefore does not require excavating a foundation or pouring cement to install. Many of these models have spring-loaded spikes that can be traveled over in a single direction, allowing vehicles to pass one way but not the other — a great design for parking lots, apartment complexes, airports, and other areas where the flow of traffic must be well-regulated but directed in a single direction.


    In-Ground Tire Spike Barrier: Unlike their surface-mounted counterparts, in-ground tire road spikes provide a flush finish with the ground’s surface. This extra clearance can be important when encountering low-profile vehicles, like many expensive sports cars. The installation of below ground tire spikes requires trenching and cement or asphalt resurfacing. While installation is more time-consuming than surface-mounted tire spikes, in-ground devices are often preferred as they are more robust and can accommodate vehicle speeds up to 10 mph, compared to only 5 mph for surface-mounted barriers.


    Motorized Tire Spike Barrier: Motorized tire spike barriers, sometimes called retractable tire spike strips, can be surface mounted or anchored below ground, depending on the product you choose. The key difference here is that the spike devices can be automatically deployed using an electric motor control system. 


    Motorized tire puncture spikes are often better-suited to high-traffic areas (such as parking lots and car dealership lots) as they can be set to routinely deploy based on an hourly or daily schedule. Some motorized versions can also be triggered by remote control or signal device.


    Extendable Tire Spike Barrier


    These severe tire damage spikes are portable and typically used for tactical purposes by military personnel, police forces, and security teams. The primary benefit of extendable tire road spikes is their rapid deployment, as they can be placed on roadways in a matter of seconds. This is ideal for high-speed chase scenarios or potentially dangerous pursuits where the fleeing vehicle needs to be abruptly and quickly disabled.


    Extendable tire spike barriers are also an excellent option to minimize street traffic hold-ups before and after events because they can be easily deployed and removed. There is no need for bolts, epoxy adhesive, or construction.


    Common Tire Spike Barrier Uses





    It is imperative to ensure smooth traffic flow in parking lots, garages, and other spaces where multiple cars are stored. Emergency vehicle lanes must be kept clear, and accidents must be prevented with clear signage and, of course, barriers (where necessary). Car tire spikes can prevent confused drivers from traveling too far in the wrong direction (a hazard to other vehicles), as well as put a stop to unauthorized vehicles from leaving the premises. 

    High-speed police pursuits endanger many lives, including the driver, police officers, and the general public. The longer a fleeing driver is behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, the higher the chances become that someone could be severely or fatally injured. In these situations, using a tire spikes strip or extendable barrier is highly advantageous, as they lead to safer outcomes for all parties involved. Installing tire spikes for trespassers is also an effective method for deterring, as well as catching, perpetrators. 

    Both civilians and soldiers are often put at risk during conflicts or combats related to military operations. In situations where opponents attempt to flee by vehicle or use their vehicle as a weapon, severe tire damage spikes can quite literally be life-saving devices. Many military-grade tire shred devices are specifically designed to prevent blowouts and instead slow down and disable the vehicle in a controlled manner to ensure the safety of bystanders.


    Features to Consider


    Tire spike barriers offer several different options and features (depending on the model and manufacturer you choose). These features include:


    Boom Arms: Often called Drop Arm barriers or boom gates, these devices are an excellent addition to control entry and exit. They are frequently deployed for use in parking areas. Boom arms make car tire spikes more visible to drivers while also enhancing the ability to control traffic. Most models come in various sizes and lengths, making it easy to find a solution for entrances and exits of all dimensions. 


    Manual Release: Many motorized tire spike barriers have a manual release that can be utilized in the event of a power outage or emergency, a desirable feature that provides added peace of mind.


    Induction Loop Systems: Induction loop systems use sensors (which are placed in pavement) to detect the presence of a vehicle. If a vehicle is detected, the system can then send a signal to your motorized tire spike barrier, telling it to deploy or retract. This feature is popular in high-traffic areas like parking garages, industrial complexes, and storage yards where it is either too costly or simply impractical to have a person controlling the device at all times.


    Number Plate Recognition: If unauthorized entry/exit violations are a concern, you may want to consider purchasing a motorized tire spike barrier system with built-in number plate recognition. These units automatically capture an image of the vehicle’s license plate, making it easier to identify unlawful or unauthorized drivers. These systems, when paired with an access control unit, can also recognize authorized vehicles and permit entry and exit without needing any personnel on site.


    Operation Speeds: Is rapid deployment a priority for you? If so, you’ll want to consider investing in a tire spike barrier that has been proven to have quick operating speeds. Many metal tire spikes can deploy and retract in just a few seconds, while others require 10-15 seconds or more.


    The Protogetic Difference


    We are the world's most comprehensive digital marketplace for the protective design industry. We have simplified and streamlined the product search experience, making it possible for buyers to locate security and safety products in just a matter of seconds. All of our high security protective design products, including anti-ram fences, ballistic resistant doors and FEB/BR windows are sourced from top manufacturers and include all of the design specifications and rating certifications you need to make an informed buying decision. 


    If you have any unanswered questions or simply need pricing information, our site enables you to directly contact vendor representatives with just one click of a button! Are you ready to find the best tire spike barrier for your needs? Start your search today!