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    Portable Vehicle Barriers


    What are portable vehicle barriers?


     A portable vehicle barrier, sometimes called a temporary vehicle barrier or mobile vehicle barrier, can be moved and/or towed into place at different locations requiring temporary protection from Hostile Vehicle Attacks or to create perimeter security and access control points.  Unlike most fixed or passive barriers that require being secured permanently in place by a foundation, portable barriers can be set up and “installed” very quickly and have been referred to as “pop up barricades”, though this term is more often applied to retractable bollards.


    What kinds of portable vehicle barriers are available?


    Portable security barricades encompass several categories of vehicle barriers, including wedge barriers and crash arm barriers to name just a few. Some concrete barriers can also be considered portable barriers. Other mobile vehicle barrier products are unique in that their deployment requires no tools or surface mounting at all and can still completely disable and stop a hostile vehicle.


    Where are movable barriers used?


    Portable barriers are used for temporary security and protection from terrorist attacks using motor vehicles (Hostile Vehicle Attacks) as well as crowd control and access/entry points to sensitive or vulnerable areas.


    • Parades
    • Demonstrations & Marches
    • Concerts & Festivals
    • Sporting events
    • Farmer’s markets
    • Office parks / industrial complexes
    • Government facilities
    • Military bases
    • Transportation centers
    • Ports
    • Chemical plants
    • Oil refineries
    • Nuclear facilities


    Perhaps the most noteworthy use of portable vehicle barriers was the January 6th Attack on the US Capitol. Temporary barriers were used for riot control and crowd access, as well as restricting and/or preventing vehicular access in and around the Capitol Buildings.


    Is a portable vehicle barrier and a removable barrier the same thing?


    A portable vehicle barrier is often confused as being the same type of product as a removable bollard. Removable bollards will sometimes advertise as “portable” but this is not entirely accurate. A portable vehicle barrier is fundamentally different than a removable bollard that requires placement in a pre-existing sleeve receptacle in the ground. While removable bollards can be lifted out and removed, they must be stored, as they cannot provide protection unless “anchored” in the ground receptacle. It is also important to note that retractable bollards, sometimes called “pop up vehicle barriers”, are different from both portable and removable bollards as they cannot be re-deployed or removed.


    What are the advantages of portable barricade systems?


    Most portable moveable barriers are easy to transport and quickly set up. They can be re-used and re-deployed at other locations. Their temporary design does not require major sub-surface preparation or digging to provide a foundation anchor.


    Without digging a foundation, can portable barriers still be anti-ram rated?


    Yes. Many portable vehicle barriers are anti-ram rated and can be found instantly using the Protogetic filter. Simply search for “tested” products or select the exact anti-ram rating your project requires. There are even some portable barriers that are on the approved DoD List. You can use Protogetic's new, 100% searchable DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List. It is the exact same certified DoD list now programmed to with a Protogetic Filter to instantly find the exact approved product your security design project needs. 


    What is a DoD certified portable vehicle barrier?


    Like many other products certified by the Department of Defense (DoD), portable barriers are evaluated by the Army Corps of Engineers after an extensive application process. Once approved, these mobile barrier systems can be used in all government projects requiring DoD certification.


    Where can I find a top rated portable barrier?


    Protogetic has a large selection of all types of portable barriers, security doors, barrier gates and anti-climb fences from leading manufacturers. Find the anti-ram rated products your project requires instantly at