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    Anti-Ram Rating
    Penetration Distance
    -8 Ft
    96 Ft
    DoD Certified
    Safety Act
    Barrier Opening Width
    0 Ft
    1000 Ft
    Foundation Type
    Foundation Depth
    0 In
    96 In
    Operation Type
    Cycles Per Hour
    0 cycle(s)
    2000 cycle(s)
    Normal Operating Time
    0 Sec
    240 Sec
    Emergency Operating Time
    0 Sec
    10 Sec
    Operating Temperature
    -40 F°
    158 F°
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    Anti-ram Security Planters


    What is an anti-ram planter?


    Anti-ram planters, sometimes called security planters, crash-rated planters or urban landscape vehicle barriers, are designed to integrate seamlessly into the public environment without looking militaristic or fortified.


    Are all urban street planters crash-rated?


    No. Buyers should understand that anti-ram rated planters must be engineered and then tested by an accredited lab under mandatory requirements such as speed, vehicle size and weight. Penetration distance is then measured and the appropriate rating assigned. Protogetic provides this detailed rating certification information so you can instantly determine the best-rated product for your protective needs.


    What ratings standards are used for security planters?


    Like other vehicle barriers, such as bollards, wedge barriers or drop arm barriers, security planters can be rated for various kinetic force impacts. Anti-ram vehicle barriers are tested for a specific size and weight, angle of impact and speed – either 30, 40 or 50 miles per hour. Most importantly the tests measure the penetration distance of the vehicle beyond the anti-ram barrier. The most common test standards are ASTM F2656, PAS 68 and IWA-14. Some products might have the once prevalent DoS K-rating but this test standard was discontinued after 2007.


    What are the advantages of a crash-rated urban street planter?


    Like all rated vehicle barriers, an anti-ram planter will mitigate or prevent accidental vehicle-into-building (VIB) crashes as well as hostile vehicle attacks appropriate to its assigned rating. Its unique advantage is therefore its aesthetic contribution. Planters actually enhance and beautify the urban landscape without creating a fortified eyesore and “bunker mentality” where civilians feel intimidated or under siege. This "softening" of the visual environment is one of the tenets of Crisis Architecture. In simple terms, not many anti-ram vehicle barriers when installed will allow you to grow daisies.


    Where are anti-ram planters used?


    Whether used for perimeter hardening for hostile vehicle mitigation or simply to protect storefronts and pedestrians from cars and nearby traffic, planters can be effectively installed at almost any location, including:


    • Retail storefronts
    • Curbside Restaurants
    • Public plazas
    • Park entrances
    • Hotels
    • Convention centers
    • Government buildings
    • Sports arenas & stadiums
    • Mass transit hubs
    • Airport terminals


    Where can I find crash-rated planters?

  is the industry’s leader in protective design products like retractable bollards and blast resistant doors to keep your community, facility and people safe. Search and find exactly what you need for your security project in mere seconds!