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    Protective Design Furniture


    What is protective design furniture?


    Protective design furniture, sometimes called street furniture or urban landscape furniture or landscape protection, encompasses a variety of security and safety products whose purpose is to prevent or mitigate distracted driver/errant vehicle crashes or deliberate hostile vehicle attacks while still blending naturally into the cityscape’s environment.  The entire goal of urban landscape furniture is to safely  “soften” or de-militarize the civilian experience by not utilizing overtly fortified products.


    Examples of landscape protection furniture include:


    Seating and Benches (parks & bus stops)

    Trash receptacles

    Bicycle racks

    Post boxes

    Newspaper vending machines





    Is urban landscape furniture effective?


    While protective design furniture “softens” a cityscape, it is more important that it protects lives. Many street furniture products are anti-ram rated for low-speed as well as high-speed impacts.  These tested and certified products are available at Protogetic and can be searched for easily using our groundbreaking filter. Architects and engineers can now instantly fulfill their project’s crash rating requirements by simply selecting the appropriate anti-ram rating when searching “furniture” under the vehicle barrier category.


    How does protective street furniture work?


    Many landscape protection products employ the very same or similar barrier design and technology used in “traditional” vehicle barriers like bollards where the device, essentially a steel cylinder, is anchored in a cement foundation. Using a landscape protection bench as an example, the outside seating shell is configured so as to elegantly disguise the crash barrier elements inside anchoring the bench in place to resist a vehicular impact.


    Where is landscape protection furniture used?


    The goal of outdoor anti-ram furniture is to blend seamlessly into the urban landscape. These products are often used at:


    • Parks
    • Plazas & Public squares
    • Recreational areas
    • Beaches
    • Baseball fields
    • Playgrounds
    • City Walks & Outdoor malls


    Why is softening the urban environment important?


    Research indicates the urban landscape design contributes to the wellbeing and health of city inhabitants. The outgrowth of green spaces, parks, gardens and playgrounds creates opportunities for socializing, which in turn creates a responsibility to insure these areas are protected from errant vehicles or deliberate hostile vehicle attacks. It makes little sense to build a beautiful park and surround it with militarized vehicle barriers that create the feeling of a war zone.  Urban street furniture simultaneously provides utility, protection and peace of mind.


    Are bus stops considered urban landscape furniture too?


    Yes, they can be. They are part of the cityscape and can be both aesthetically pleasing while providing sun and inclement weather shelter as well as protecting civilians from nearby traffic. Bus stop benches, along with trash receptacles, can be anti-ram rated and combined to protect pedestrians waiting at bus stops from accidental or deliberate vehicle crashes.


    Where can I find protective design furniture?


    Protogetic represents some of the top manufacturers of urban safety and landscape protection furniture in the world. From seating and benches to planters, Protogetic offer a wide variety of anti-ram rated, aesthetic outdoor furniture options that beautify the urban environment and save lives.