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    Full Height Turnstiles


    What are full height turnstiles?


    Full height turnstiles operate nearly identically to a revolving door by rotating 360-degrees. Like revolving doors, the barrier-wings are attached to the spinning central axis to create passenger or occupant compartments that allow entry into or exit from the building or facility. Many full height turnstiles have horizontal metal bars for wings, while some models use glass panel wings, making them look very similar to revolving doors and thus more aesthetically pleasing for indoor applications.


    How are full height turnstiles different than revolving doors?


    One main difference is full height turnstile compartments are usually smaller than revolving doors making double occupancy/piggybacking a lot more difficult. For this reason, many full height turnstiles need to be paired with an additional ADA compliant entry gate, as a wheelchair will not usually fit in the smaller compartment. Unlike the majority of revolving doors, full height turnstiles can be used outside in conjunction with high security fencing and access control systems.


    Why use a full height turnstile?


    Turnstiles better control perimeter exposure by controlling precisely how long the access point is open, unlike a traditional swing door that can be held open indefinitely. In addition, because full height turnstiles are built floor to ceiling, there is no opening at the top or bottom to crawl through. Because of their waist-high height, you can either crawl under a half height turnstiles or literally vault over it. For this reason, full height turnstiles are more secure and an optimal choice for higher security locations.


    Where are full height turnstiles used?


    Durable construction and metal barrier-wings give many full height turnstiles a more fortified appearance, creating a psychological as well as physical deterrent.  When integrated into a high security fence system, full height turnstiles provide excellent access control points that fit seamlessly into the security requirements of many less “civilian” locations, such as:


    • Military bases
    • Nuclear facilities,
    • Industrial complexes
    • Chemical plants
    • Oil refineries
    • Factories
    • Prisons


    Are full height turnstiles vulnerable to piggybacking?


    It’s possible but far less likely. Piggybacking is when an intruder or unauthorized individual forcibly occupies the same revolving door compartment as an authorized employee. Because full height turnstiles have compartments that are smaller and permit one-person entry, it is not possible to fit two people inside like you can in a larger revolving door compartment.


    What is throughput?


    Throughput measures how many people enter and exit a building during a specific time period. Calculating this process helps evaluate what kind of security entrances you need as well as how many units will need to be installed to prevent long waits getting into or out of the building during peak hours.


    What is the throughput of a full height turnstile?


    Manufacturers typically test their products to determine their throughput value. Depending on the brand/model, full height turnstiles can accommodate approximately 10 people per minute (ppm).  This compares with a half height, speed lane that can accommodate 30-60 ppm.


    How is throughput calculated?


    Calculating throughput requires analyzing the current building occupancy (as well as future projected maximum occupancy), number of elevators and peak egress & ingress traffic times just to name a few variables. You likely will need to consider local and/or National Fire Protection Association building codes for egress requirements.


    The simplest way to determine your throughput is to manually count the number of people exiting or entering during peak times like opening of business, lunch time and close of business day. This total is then divided by the time. As an example: 1000 people exited during a 60-minute lunch hour time period. 1000/60 = 16.6 or essentially 17 ppm. This capacity would likely dictate installing two full height turnstiles since their average capacity is 10 ppm.


    Are full height turnstiles better than half height turnstiles?


    There’s no way to correctly answer that questions as it depends entirely on your project and its priorities. Both products address different security needs as well as throughput requirements, costs and aesthetic considerations.  Protogetic recommends talking to an architect/engineer and security specialist as well as the manufacturer to determine the best security entrance for your building.


    Where can you find full height turnstiles?


    If you’ve been looking everywhere for full height turnstiles, stop now and go to  We have full height turnstiles, high security gates and wall systems from industry-leading manufacturers. Everything you need to secure your property or building. You can download PDF specifications and technical drawings documents. If you still have product questions or need information about factory-authorized installations, you can directly ask the manufacturer sales rep using our “CONTACT MANUFACTURER” button. Join us for FREE today and stop wasting time searching endlessly. Shop for full height turnstiles now!