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    Slide Rolling Gate


    What is a slide rolling gate?


    A slide rolling gate, frequently referred to as a rolling slide gate, is a perimeter security product to enhance access control and manage vehicular traffic into and out of a property. A rolling slide gate is similar to a sliding cantilever gate in that it can travel horizontally across the roadway entrance to block vehicle access. However, unlike a cantilever gate that utilizes counterbalancing, the traveling section of a rolling slide gate is supported and transported by wheels running along a ground track, commonly called a V-track.


    Do rolling slide gates have advantages?


    A rolling slide gate requires less space since the traveling gate section is half as long as a cantilever sliding gate. Additionally, when opening a rolling slide gate, there is no incursion into the interior entry space of the property (like occurs when opening a swing gate) because the active, moving section slides along a track parallel to the fence line. Thus, it bisects the roadway rather than arcs across it like when a door is opened.


    Are there additional advantages to installing a rolling slide gate?


    Unlike a swing gate, a rolling gate does not have a readily visible/identifiable locking-side because it travels parallel to the fence-line (horizontally across the entire roadway opening). There is no “pivot point” like a swing gate. This means the rolling gate appears as if it is one continuous fence with no transparently obvious vulnerable weak spot. As such, it is an added deterrent against breaching and hostile vehicle attacks.


    Another obvious advantage is rolling slide gates are generally much less expensive (depending on materials and security options) than cantilever slide gates because they are shorter. A rolling slide gate doesn’t need to be twice as long as the roadway opening because there is no counterbalancing involved. The wheels support the traveling section of the gate. This shorter length translates to a lower material and manufacturing cost overall.


    Where are sliding rolling gate systems used?


    Rolling slide gates are frequently used for lower risk facilities because they are a secure yet affordable option compared to more expensive vehicle barrier and access control products. A perfect example is the rolling gates so often used to block entrances at gated communities and residential driveways.  You likely have seen them installed at storage facilities. However, not all applications of rolling slide gates are civilian. They are also deployed at higher security locations.


    • Industrial facilities
    • Distribution centers
    • Airports
    • Ports
    • Railyards
    • Public Utilities
    • Impound lots
    • Restricted-access facilities


    What are the disadvantages of rolling slide gates?


    They cannot be used on uneven or sloped ground without substantial ground preparation for the track to be leveled. Similarly, rolling gates typically require a bit more maintenance as the track system and wheels used to support and transport a rolling slide gate need to be maintained and cleaned more often, especially from ground debris degrading the track.


    What are the rating standards for rolling slide gates?


    UFC 4-022-03: Security Fences and Gates is one of the most applicable standards for a rolling slide gate. Since many of these gates are often automated and do not require manned personnel to open and close them, ASTM F2200 and UL 325 are two important standards for rolling slide gates. Rolling gates can also be anti-ram rated. You can find anti-ram rated gates on Protogetic’s new 100% digital DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier list that lists authorized products certified with ASTM F2656 and K-rating standards.


    What materials are used to manufacture rolling slide gates?


    Rolling slide gates are typically made from iron, steel, aluminum, and composites.


    Are all rolling slide gates manual?


    No. Rolling slide gates can also be operated electrically.  Electric gates do cost more and also typically require more maintenance. However, when used with an access control product like a card key reader, a human gate operator is not necessarily required which can be a cost savings.


    What security options are available for rolling slide gates?


    Several anti-personnel deterrents can be added to the top rail of the gate, including:


    • Curved Palisades
    • Concertina razor wire
    • Spike toppers
    • Barbed wire
    • Traffic warning lights
    • Caution signs
    • Flood or Strobe lights


    What else is required for perimeter security?


    Depending on the project, you may also need high security fencing like anti-climb fences, as well as anti-ram vehicle barriers or access control products to manage exit or entry through the gate itself. At Protogetic, you can find all these products including high security guard houses to work in concert with your chosen gate system.


    Are rolling slide gate systems difficult to find?


    No. Nothing could be easier when you sign on to We represent a comprehensive selection of rolling slide gates from leading manufacturers. Our product search filter was designed by A&E for A&E so you can search in granular detail for the exact product specifications required by your project. Find exactly what you need in seconds!