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    Folding Gates


    What is a folding gate?


    A folding gate, sometimes called a bi-fold gate, literally collapses (or folds) its two leaves in the middle. The two leaves of a gate will stack together when opening. This provides a fast opening configuration or geometry that saves space as well as gate activation wait times.


    What are the advantages of a folding gate?


    Unlike slide or rolling gates, folding gates are excellent for use in areas where the space is limited. Because the gate doors fold in a stacked formation, there is no incursion into the roadway entry space during operation.


    Folding gates also open and close quicker than rolling gates or swing gates. On average, folding gates open 3-7 seconds faster to permit vehicle entry. Faster operation provides additional security benefits by minimizing site exposure (the time that the doors are open to unauthorized personnel) as well as allowing incoming and outgoing traffic to be processed quicker.  Fast open/close durations tend to deter “tailgating” – when one vehicle follows closely behind another to gain entry without obtaining proper access.


    Are there potential disadvantages to folding gates?


    In general, installing a bi-fold gate is more time consuming and complicated than a swing or rolling gate.  Depending on the manufacturer, folding gates can be more expensive than a rolling or swing gate. It is also important to consider the cost of maintenance since bi-fold gates have several moving hinged parts.


    What materials are used to make folding gates?


    Steel, aluminum, iron and composites are typically used materials.  They're offered in numerous finishes for both exterior and interior uses.


    What locations use folding gates?


    Because they open and close quickly, folding gates are often used at sites with high traffic volume. And they are ideal for areas where there is limited space to install a gate. Potential locations include:  


    • Police & Correctional facilities
    • Self storage facilities
    • Courthouses
    • Government building
    • Airports
    • Ports & Rail yards


    What are the rating standards for folding gates?


    The most applicable standards to look for when considering folding gates are:


    UL 325 -- Standard for Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver, Window Operators & Systems


    ASTM F2200 -- Standard Specification for Automated Vehicular Gate Construction


    What type of operating system does a folding gate use?


    Folding gates are typically electric and are frequently paired with access control products like key card scanners, combination keypads or license plate readers to open the gate automatically.


    Where can I find folding gates?

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