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    Ballistic Resistant Fences


    What are ballistic resistant fences?


    Ballistic resistant fences, often mistakenly called “bulletproof fences”, are designed and manufactured to protect people and property inside the fence perimeter from gunfire outside the fence line. Like their counterparts, ballistic resistant doors and ballistic resistant windows, bullet resistant fences must be rigorously tested.


    What materials are used to make ballistic resistant fences?


    Ballistic security fences can be made of fiberglass composite panels as well as steel or aluminum. Often overlays of fiberglass/resin composite panels are attached to expanded metal fencing to achieve the desired ballistic resistant protection.


    What locations use ballistic resistant fences?


    The need for and use of a bullet resistant fence is a function of your location and its inherent threat risk. Traditionally, ballistic resistant fencing was used to protect military bases from hostile sniper fire. Embassies in volatile regions also incorporate ballistic fencing in their perimeter security plan. However, ballistic fencing is being used more and more in “civilian” and commercial settings like airports. Schools and universities have begun using this perimeter protection as active shooter incidents have increased.


    A very concerning new threat emerged in 2022, electrical substation attacks.  The challenge with protecting electrical equipment from gunfire is integrating ballistic protection with non-conductive fencing. When incorporating additional security protections, it is always advisable to consult and expert and insure that you comply with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) grounding requirements.


    How are ballistic resistant fences rated?


    There are several rating standards to test ballistic protection. One of the most common, if not gold standard, is UL 752. Manufacturers also use the ballistic standard developed by the National Institute of Justice.  Also applicable is ASTM F2781 -- Standard Practice for Testing Forced Entry, Ballistic and Low Impact Resistance of Security Fence Systems.


    Are there bulletproof fences?


    It is vitally important to remember that while the term “bulletproof” is commonly used, there is no such thing as a bulletproof door, window or fence. Every round fired into ballistic resistant material degrades the stopping power. Fire enough rounds and eventually the material will fail. Firepower is also pertinent. Composite material that can stop a 9mm bullet doesn’t necessarily protect against a round fired from an AR-15. Understanding that no fence is bulletproof is essential to designing and installing effective perimeter security.


    What is perimeter security?


    Perimeter security involves high security fencing as well as personnel, additional physical deterrents and intrusion detection technology. Intrusion detection products include:


    • Infrared and thermal cameras
    • Security lighting
    • Silent alarms
    • Motion detectors


    Available physical deterrents can include:


    • Curved anti-climb palisades
    • Barbed wire
    • Spike toppers
    • Concertina razor wire


    What is the best security fence?


    This depends entirely on your project and numerous factors like location, function, threat assessment and budget. There is no “one-size-fits-all” high security fence. This is why it is vitally important to determine your location’s threat risk.


    Are ballistic resistant fences expensive?


    Yes, compared to residential chain link fencing. Perimeter security applications are highly customizable depending on location, dimensions and security needs. Protogetic recommends you get exact pricing for your fence project by using our FREE “GET A QUOTE” button. Every product page also provides technical drawings, specifications and certifications. There’s even a “CONTACT MANUFACTURER” button to send a direct message to the product’s sales representative to get additional information and answers. 


    Do big box DIY stores carry ballistic fencing?


    No. Definitely not. But Protogetic does! You can find ballistic resistant fencing from leading manufacturers all in one convenient marketplace. And to complete your perimeter security plan, we also have guard houses, access control systems, high security gates and anti-ram vehicle barriers. One stop shopping saves you time. Get more done. Shop for high security ballistic resistant fences now!