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    Guard Houses


    What are Guard Houses?


    Guard Houses enjoy a variety of different names across the high security design industry, including: security guard houses and security guard booths. As defined by Protogetic, a guard house refers to a structure designed to house security personnel manning access control points. These are primarily for exterior applications but in some cases can be deployed inside at a property entrance like a secured underground parking garage. Guard Houses can be pre-assembled, prefabricated or custom-built depending on which configuration optimally addresses your project needs and specifications. 


    What is the purpose of a Guard House?


    Originally, guard houses were living quarters (typically dormitories) that quite literally housed guards. Frequently, guard houses were used as a staging area for off-duty and on-duty shifts of guards to clock in and clock out before going out on patrol. When needed, they also served as holding cells for prisoners, including soldiers who had violated military laws.


    Modern guard houses are now designated as a building located at an access control check point where security personnel monitor and process people entering and exiting a secured facility.  They can be small, single person guard booths or larger, central guardhouses that house the command center for the facility’s security operations. All these types of checkpoint guard houses are familiar to nearly everyone as they encountered in nearly every facet of daily life.


    Do Guard Houses have other security functions?


    Yes. A guard house doesn’t just house personnel. Additionally, a guard house is quite often the communications epicenter for a facility’s security operations, providing critical communications and monitoring equipment so that security personnel can be alerted and dispatched to apprehend unauthorized people who are trespassing or attacking the facility. Surveillance camera feeds are typically routed to a central guard house location where they can be monitored by staff. In military terms, the guard house is often the command center of your security operations.


    Where are Guard Houses used?


    There are numerous locations suitable for deploying guard houses, including:


    • Border Crossings
    • Gated Communities
    • Schools & Universities
    • Government properties
    • Embassies
    • Prisons & Correctional Facilities
    • Ports & Dockyards
    • Oil & Gas Refineries
    • LNG terminals
    • Chemical Plants
    • Factories & Industrial sites
    • Military installations


    What is physical access control?


    Physical access control refers to the protective design approach that restricts entry into a building or property perimeter to authorized personnel only. This overarching strategy can include multiple security elements such as high security fencing, anti-ram gates, drop arm barriers, intrusion detection systems, surveillance cameras and security personnel. The latter asset not only monitors and patrols the premises but in many instances also checks identifications to determine proper authorization. Many security operations minimize, or eliminate, the need for human personnel by deploying security entrance products like pass code keypads, biometric scanners and card key readers & “smart cards”.


    Is access control only focused on preventing intrusion?


    No. Access control is not exclusively about keeping people out. In order for a building or facility to function, people must be allowed inside. A guard house can facilitate ingress and egress by creating a central location for security personnel and equipment to control and monitor the access point for exiting pedestrians and/or vehicles so that all visitors are accounted for.


    Is Access Control only used for exterior perimeters?


    No. While access control points, like a manned guard house with a high security, anti-climb fence, are used outside, there are products that can be deployed on the building’s interior in order to limit the ability of an intruder or unauthorized person to gain access to important areas of a building. These products might include security turnstiles or restricted access card readers in elevators that prevent admittance to specified floors. Another example of this type of layered interior security would be your bank’s floor plan. You can gain access to the teller windows, but the vault is protected first by the teller counter wall and then a safe that requires a combination to open it.


    What are materials are used to build guard houses?


    Guard houses are frequently made from steel, wood, aluminum, concrete and composite materials. If the security guard house is at high risk for attack, the building is often made from or sheathed in exterior or interior ballistic resistant panels or coverings. Many security guard house companies can save you time by offering pre-assembled and pre-fabricated models with shorter lead times that are easier to install once they arrive on site.


    What physical threat types can guard houses protect against?


    Security guard houses can be rated for ballistic resistance, forced entry and blast resistance. Several manufacturers even make guard houses that are hurricane resistant and tornado resistant.


    Where can you find security guard houses?


    Protogetic has security guard houses from leading manufacturers. Our exclusive search filter instantly finds the exact guard house you need. No more endless searching. Our product pages are loaded with technical specifications and information you can download as a PDF document. If you’ve still got questions, our “CONTACT MANUFACTURER” button allows you to directly communicate with the factory sales reps. Go to Protogetic today and skip the hassle of endless searching. Shop for security Guard Houses now!