U.S. Registry of Vehicle Barriers Rated to the ASTM Standards F2656 & F3016 US REGISTRY

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    US Registry for F2656 & F3016 Vehicle Barriers


    What is the US Registry of Vehicle Barriers Rated to the Standards F2656 & F3016? 

    Formed in 2022 by Protective Design industry leaders, The U.S. Registry of Vehicle Barriers Rated to the Standards F2656 & F3016 is a completely free information resource provided to assist the protective design industry. The Registry’s main purpose is to maintain a reliable, up-to-date reference list of verified vehicle barrier products that qualify under the ASTM F2656 and ASTM F3016 standards. This information is 100% digital, searchable, sortable, and actionable. The intention of the Registry is to inspire industry acceptance through transparency, neutrality, and accuracy.


    Where can I find the F2656 & F3016  Registry?

    "The Registry" has partnered with, the world's first online marketplace for the high-security protective design industry, to be the exclusive host of this ground-breaking new list. You can access The Registry for free 24/7, 365 days a year from aywhere in the world.


    What types of vehicle barriers are included in The Registry?


    Similar to Protogetic's new game-changing DoD List, The Registry lists products in two categories of Active and Passive vehicle barriers. The barrier types are as follows:

    • Active Bollard
    • Active Drop-Arm Beam
    • Active Gate
    • Active Net
    • Active Post and Beam
    • Active Wedge
    • Active Cable
    • Passive Bollard
    • Passive Cable
    • Passive Portable
    • Passive Post and Beam
    • Passive Fence
    • Passive Inertial
    • Vertical Lift Barriers


    How do manufacturers get their vehicle barrier products on The Registry?


    All products that are tested & certified to the ASTM F2656 and/or ASTM F3016 standard by a nationally recognized testing house qualify for inclusion on the Registry. An independent Supervisory Committee ensures the integrity of the Registry; establishes and maintains standards for all eligible products and approves products for inclusion. Application and inclusion are FREE.


    All manufacturers with a qualifying product are welcome to apply for inclusion on the Registry. Contact the Supervisory Committee directly. The committee meets monthly and all applications for inclusion must include verified certificates issued by a recognized testing house.