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Slide-Cantilever Gate


What is a slide cantilever gate?


A slide cantilever gate, commonly called a cantilever slide gate, is counterbalanced so that the gate can travel across the opening of the entrance above the ground without the need of a track and wheels. This is accomplished by the section of traveling gate being about twice as long as the opening. Half the gate blocks the roadway and the remaining half is supported on cantilever gate rollers mounted on the inside fence, allowing the gate to extend back and forth across the roadway.


What are the cantilever sliding gate suspension advantages?


Cantilever slide gates do not require ground preparation to install a track system since the gate is suspended above the ground and doesn’t use wheels. This often makes a sliding cantilever gate easier to use. Because the counterbalancing requires that the gate be much longer than the roadway entrance, sliding cantilever gates are often used for larger span openings that typically service heavy-duty transport trucks.


Cantilever slide gates are suspended over the ground, making them ideal for use on uneven and/or sloped surfaces. Additionally, because the moving arm of a swing gate opens like a door, it requires more clear space inside the perimeter than a cantilever gate that causes no inconvenience because it travels horizontally across and parallel to the roadway entrance.


Are there additional advantages to installing a cantilever sliding gate?


Cantilever gate hardware and cantilever gate rollers usually do not require as much maintenance as the track system and wheels used for a rolling cantilever gate. Cantilever slide gate design typically requires servicing once a year as the barrier has no contact with the ground.


Another distinct advantage compared to swing gates is a cantilever slide gate has no identifiable “pressure point” and can appear as a single fence “wall”. This can offer a measure of extra security when deterring or defending against ramming attacks.


Where are sliding cantilever barrier gate systems used?


Cantilever slide gates are used almost any place where vehicle access needs to be controlled. This includes lower risk uses like residential developments (literally called “gated communities”), public storage centers and office parks. You even see larger homes using cantilever gates for driveway entrances. Because cantilever slide gates require extra length for counterbalancing, these gates are more frequently used at security entrances with large openings, such as:


  • Military bases
  • Airports
  • Industrial facilities
  • Nuclear plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • LNG terminals
  • Distribution centers


What are the disadvantages of cantilever slide gates?


Because the counterbalancing requires that the traveling gate span needs to be twice the length of the access control point opening, this type of gate can only be employed if the one side of the entrance has enough room to accommodate a longer traveling gate section. Not surprisingly, sliding cantilever barrier gate systems use twice the raw materials and thus cost more than a swing gate or rolling cantilever gate.


Are there rating standards for cantilever slide gates?


Yes. Protogetic advises that cantilever slide gate systems be compliant with UFC 4-022-03 - Security Fences and Gates and UL 325 . If the gate is automated, the ASTM F2200 standard will also apply. Cantilever gates can also be anti-ram rated under the ASTM F2656 standard. You can easily search for these ratings using the Protogetic filter.


What are cantilever slide gates made of?


Cantilever slide gates are typically made from aluminum, steel, iron, wood and composites.


What operating mechanisms are available for cantilever slide gates?


Cantilever slide gates can be opened and closed manually or electrically. For electric gates, license plate readers, card keys and ground sensors can be installed at the access control point to open the gate automatically.


Do cantilever slide gates have security options?


Yes. For added security, the top rail of the gate can be accessorized with several deterrents, including:


  • Barbed wire
  • Concertina razor wire
  • Spike toppers
  • Curved Palisades
  • Traffic, Flood or Strobe lights


Where can I find sliding cantilever gate systems?


Protogetic carries slide-cantilever gates from leading manufacturers as well as access control products and numerous types of high security fencing like anti-climb fencing and anti-ram fencing. Find exactly what you need to create a secure perimeter around your property or facility in seconds using our groundbreaking filter. You can even download cantilever slide gate plans, drawings and specs. Find the best, highest rated gates and fences now.