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Demark Boundary Fences


What is a demark boundary fence?


A fence is said to be a demark boundary because it legally separates two properties. For practical purposes, it defines the property lines of your home and your neighbor’s. Besides defining legal ownership, demarcation fences also provide security by creating a perimeter boundary. The Department of Defense actually requires high security demark boundary fences to be installed at military bases and government facilities both as a warning that a facility is restricted and to delay or prevent incursion.


What is perimeter security?


Perimeter security requires a comprehensive plan that prevents unauthorized entry into a property or facility. It not only involves protective fencing but also:


  • Equipment
  • Security Personnel
  • Access control


What are demark boundary fences made of?


In retail/consumer terms, a demark boundary fence can be nothing more than a simple wood picket, wrought iron or chain link fence. For high security demark boundary fences, the materials are engineered to be far more robust in order to resist or prevent breaching by manned attack or vehicle ramming. Rolled steel and aluminum are the most common materials used.


Can a demark boundary fence also be a high security fence?


Yes. There are many demark boundary fences that are also rated for numerous threats. Protogetic highly recommends that a threat assessment be performed to identify the best type of perimeter fencing for your project, including:


  • Ballistic protection
  • Anti-ram
  • Penetration resistant
  • Anti-climb


What security options are available for demark boundary fences?


Demark boundary fences can be outfitted with surveillance and intrusion detection devices as well as physical deterrents.

  • Infrared & thermal cameras
  • Motion detectors
  • Security lighting
  • Alarm systems
  • Warning signs
  • Barbed wire
  • Concertina razor wire
  • Spike toppers


Is infill and fence fabric the same thing?


Yes. Fence infill, or “fence fabric as the Department of Defense calls it, refers to the protective material that prevents entry between the fence panel’s frame posts and the top/bottom rails. The most popular infill material is chain link, but this is but one of many infill options available for fencing, depending on your budget. Besides chain link, other infill options include:


  • Expanded metal
  • Wire mesh
  • Palisade
  • Non-conductive
  • Metal screen
  • Welded wire
  • Tubular pickets


What type of demark boundary or security fence is best?


No fence is impenetrable given enough time, tools, skill and manpower. There is also no one size fits all solution to perimeter security fencing. The best fence for your project is determined by a through examination of the risks and threats that could be in play. Once again, hiring a qualified security expert or engineer to perform a threat assessment is our first recommendation.


What if my demark boundary fence needs to be DoD-approved?


You’re in luck. Protogetic has developed and launched an industry-first, 100% digital, DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List. You can find exactly what you need in seconds!


How much do demark boundary security fences cost?


Nearly every project in the protective design industry is unique. Many manufacturers will custom make exactly what your project requires. It should be no surprise that high security demark boundary fencing, access control products and anti-ram vehicle barriers cost more than the residential products found in home improvement stores. The best way to determine cost is to use’s NO-obligation, one-click “GET A QUOTE” button found on each product’s individual page. You can also use the “CONTACT MANUFACTURER” button to directly ask their sales representative any additional questions you have. Save time and get the most accurate cost information without any hassles. Shop for demark boundary fences now!