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    Drop Arm Barriers


    What is a Drop Arm Barrier?


    A drop arm barrier is a type of vehicle barrier that both directs and controls traffic while also providing perimeter security. These security gate arms most often utilize a steel horizontal bar to prevent access or intrusion at facility and building entry points. As such, a drop arm gate is frequently deployed in tandem with a guard house and high security fencing at strategic entrances to commercial, military and government locations. Drop arms raise vertically up to 90-degrees when engaged, either by manual, electric or hydraulic operation. 


    Is a drop arm barrier and a crash arm barrier the same?


    Often incorrectly used, a crash arm barrier and a drop arm are not technically the same.  A crash arm refers to an anti-ram rated vehicle barrier gate that satisfies extremely rigorous testing requirements for protection against hostile vehicle attacks (HVA). A drop arm could be as simple as the drop arms encountered at a railroad crossing or parking lot entrance or exit. Protogetic has both drop arms and crash arms listed under the category "crash arms" so you can search for either anti-ram rated or unrated products more easily.


    Why is the distinction between drop arms and crash arms important?


    Since the 1983 Beirut Marine Barracks bombing, we have seen significant increases worldwide of Hostile Vehicle Attacks (HVAs), often employing Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED). These terrorist threats require more robust security efforts to mitigate and/or prevent incursions at important access points. A crash-tested and anti-ram rated vehicle drop arm barrier or crash arm is an extremely effective defense to manage these hostile attacks. The goal of protective design is to mitigate and eliminate vulnerable areas in a location’s physical perimeter security. In the case of VBIEDs, crash arms and anti-ram vehicle barriers can provide increased “standoff distance” and save lives by preventing explosive devices from detonating close to people and buildings. This is one reason why Protogetic is proud to be the world's leading aggregator of crash arm barriers and high security essentials.


    Recommended Security Gate Arm Products


    Barrier1 Model DACB-ELE-1200: The DACB-ELE-1200 is an electronically operated barrier gate arm certified to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P3, recognized by the US Department of Defense (DoD). If your project requires a DoD-approved vehicle barrier, you can find it instantly on Protegetic's new 100% digital DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List.  And, because of its high-quality components, the DACB requires little maintenance and can be used in all types of weather. 


    BBRSS Cable Reinforced Crash Beam: The Cable Reinforced CR25 Crash Beam from B&B Roadway Security Systems is created and intended to safeguard at-risk access points and prevent forced entry or departure for medium to high-security establishments. The CR25 drop arm gate is appropriate for oil refineries, chemical plants, storage facilities, technical centers, data centers, nuclear facilities, military, and government organizations. It is available in manual and electromechanical working modes. 


    Protogetic Offers Premier Crash Arm and Drop Arm Barriers


    Protogetic's crash arm and drop arm barrier products are built by the security design industry’s leading manufacturers, using the best quality materials and cutting-edge technology. Many products in our vehicle barrier crash arm listing are anti-ram rated having met or exceeded rigorous crash testing at accredited labs like Calspan and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute


    A Comprehensive Variety of Barrier Options


    Protogetic's marketplace of crash arm and drop arm barriers also offers multi-purpose entrance drop arms that regulate traffic while also providing an anti-ram impediment for both accidental incursions and hostile vehicle attacks. In the rare event you cannot find the security barrier product that addresses your project’s unique requirements, remember that many of Protogetic’s crash arm and drop arm barrier manufacturers offer security products that are fully customizable. Use our “CONTACT MANUFACTURER” button on the product's information page to directly message that company's representative and get quick answers to your specific questions. Join for FREE today and stop wasting time looking for the crash arm or drop arm barrier your project needs.