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The Protogetic Filter
Barrier Type
Tested or Engineered
Anti-Ram Rating
Penetration Distance
-8 Ft
93 Ft
DoD Certified
ASTM Registry Certified
Safety Act
Barrier Opening Width
0 Ft
200 Ft
Foundation Type
Foundation Depth
0 In
96 In
Operation Type
Cycles Per Hour
1 cycle(s)
500 cycle(s)
Normal Operating Speed
0 Sec
240 Sec
Emergency Operating Speed
0 Sec
10 Sec
Operating Temperature
-40 F°
158 F°
Lead Time
0 week(s)
16 week(s)
Countries Available

Net Barriers


What is a net barrier?


A net barrier, sometimes called a vehicle arrestor, is an active, rather than passive, type of vehicle barrier that often prevents penetration using a deployable reinforced net. The net in essence absorbs the kinetic energy of a hostile vehicle rather than abruptly terminating it and by doing so causes catastrophic damage the way a wedge barrier or bollard works.


What is the advantage of a net barrier system?


As a result of the net’s “give”, damage to the vehicle is mitigated and is thus often less lethal to the occupants. For this reason, net barriers are often referred to as “reduced risk” barriers. In addition, net barriers are typically deployed from a housing channel below the roadway. When not in use, this allows for unobstructed traffic flow, much like retractable bollards provide. The net and its component parts are, more often than not, completely re-useable which saves on maintenance costs.


How fast can a net barrier be deployed?


Some net barriers, like Barrier 1’s VA-NET-300 or the Global Grab 400 can be deployed in as little as 2 seconds.


What is a bi-directional net barrier?


This means the net barrier stops a vehicle traveling in either direction, making it ideal for entrances to military bases and security checkpoints, private facility entrances and restricted roadways.


Are net barriers anti ram rated?


Many net barriers are on the DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List and are ASTM F2656 rated.  You can find anti-ram rated net barriers instantly at using our proprietary filter that saves hours of searching. You can even perform side-by-side comparisons of net barriers and other high security products.