The Protogetic Journal

    Security Innovation Hub Launched!

    A much needed, permanent center of innovation, learning, and networking for the physical security industry is born!

    The Chicago-based Security Innovation Hub offers a permanent product display which will become an immersive, experiential environment for the full range of products. In the coming months, visitors will enter through a series of perimeter security solutions including fences, gates, and access controls. On display will be FE/BR doors, ballistic resistant windows, surveillance equipment, and much more.  Eventually, an outdoor experience will be constructed to display poured ballistic concrete products and vehicle barriers.

    The display room was unveiled at a reception last month where the Hub's director, Essam Choudhary, explained how the center will not only display security hardware but be a center for education offering room for seminars and continuing education programs. In order to support innovation and progress in the industry, a small business incubator will nurtured under the Hub's roof. 

    Complementing the physical environment, the center's website will feature a virtual showroom of all participating manufacturers and service providers. 

    Protogetic is proud to be a sponsor of this new initiative and to serve as the online marketplace for the Security Innovation Hub.